Monday, August 16, 2010

New Blog

If you want to see some wedding pictures then head over to my new blog:

(I'm hoping that with 2 of us we can keep the blog better updated...)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nowruz (Persian New Year)

Scott's roommate, Amir, is from Iran and they celebrated the new year a few weekends ago, March 20. They have their party according to the vernal equinox so it's at the same time all over the world. This year it was at 10:30am PST but next year it will be at 4:30pm PST, the next 10:30pm PST, and the next 4:30am PST. I really like celebrating it all at the same time but I'm not sure how I feel about a 4:30AM party. (Actually I am sure, I wouldn't be able to stay awake.) They also have a beautifully decorated table with all sort of symbolic decorations. It's beautiful:
And what's a part without food?
The week following Iranian New Year we went to a celebration for Cambodian New Year. The party was awesome and we got to catch up with a friend from my childhood. It was wonderful. Celebrating the new year in spring makes me think that everyone knows something we don't. We celebrate a new beginning in the dead of winter when the 2 most depressing months are still ahead of us. I think that #1 I like celebrating a new year in spring when the world is renewing itself and #2 I like the early morning party.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ourselves! Scott turned 26 on March 8th and I turned 26 on March 9th. Isn't that cute?! Actually, it works to my disadvantage. Last year we were newly dating (still in the awkward stage) and Scott waited to get me anything until he could evaluate my gift. He didn't want to go too big or too small so he waited. As usual, I couldn't get it all together on his birthday so I gave him stuff on mine. Fast forward to this year: same thing. I couldn't get it together on his birthday so he got it on mine. I think next year we'll SCHEDULE to celebrate his birthday on the 9th and mine on the 10th. (Or I could always just convince myself that his birthday is on the 7th...) At least my parent's could get it together and make us a delicious red velvet cake. Yum!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


This morning I was in too much of a rush to write about yesterday but now I'm back to tell you all how it happened. Scott made Valentine's Day perfect. He brought me beautiful flowers when he and my roommate's boyfriend came over to make us a breakfast of German pancakes, strawberry sauce, and bacon. I'm sure it was delicious. (Sadly I've been feeling sick lately and after my first bit I was worried I might throw up so I just laid on the couch and watch the rest of breakfast.) After skipping most of church, a nap, and cold shower I was feeling much better. We went to a beach just west of us where we've been a few times. There we dined on some chocolate covered strawberries he made and also some chocolate almonds. He knows me so well! He gave me a big black box to open and inside was more chocolate and another smaller box. When I opened the smaller box there was the beautiful ring and he asked me if I wanted to be his wife. After I said yes he told me how much he loves me, etc. For the rest of the sunset I would randomly say "Really?" just to make sure it wasn't a joke. I can't believe it! He makes my life complete. We've planned next to nothing so far but perhaps we'll seal the deal in the end of June in Utah. Really?!?!?!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Passing Quals to Scott!

To celebrate passing quals Scott took a few of us out for Ethiopian food in San Francisco. As my family thinks I'm allergic to food, it was quite the experience. They served us a huge plate of food on a pancake type bread. We then dove in with our own pieces of the bread and ate some delicious food. Part of the meal was vegetarian and the other part had meat. I think all of us would agree that Ethiopians eat some pretty tasety food. Here's a before-ish picture:

And an after picture:

Congratulations Scott!